How Do I Write an Intro, Conclusion, & Body Paragraph?

When you play a video game, you must follow a set of rules, or else you will be lost. An essay that you write must also follow a set of rules to get the best grade. Apart from the instructor's guidelines, you have to format your essay in such a way that a neutral reader does not find it difficult to find the relevant information with the help of college essay writing service. If you don't want to bother learning about the rules, hire a writing service to do your work.

What is a thesis statement?

At the end of your introduction, you need to provide a brief summary of your claims. If an essay writer is writing an argumentative essay, your thesis statement will provide your arguments about the topic. The thesis statement should be brief, debatable, and opinion-based. The perfect thesis statement immediately hooks the reader and they become curious about how you must have defended your stance.

What is a topic sentence?

The first sentence of each of the body paragraphs is the topic sentence. It explains one of the claims that you mention in the thesis statement. It acts as the summary of the whole paragraph. If you get a custom essay written by an essay writing service, make sure they properly word your topic sentences. You must relate all the evidence and examples back to the thesis statement to ensure a smooth-flowing essay.

How to link your thesis statement with your topic sentence

Both these statements should be placed at the right location. A thesis statement comes at the end of your introduction. A topic sentence comes at the beginning of each body paragraph through assignment help. Any confusion in their location may lead to a bad grade
Make sure that all the claims made in the topic sentence were also mentioned in the thesis statement. Your thesis statement should not have an additional or a missing point that is to be mentioned in your body paragraphs. You should plan ahead and write each topic sentence after looking at the thesis statement. Some professional writers leave the thesis statement for the end and form it using topic sentences.
You should use specific keywords to link your topic sentence with the thesis statement. The keywords in your thesis statement are the arguments that you explain in the paper. The keywords used in the thesis statement must be used similarly in each topic sentence. To make the process easier, you can make the keywords bold in the thesis statement. Don’t forget to remove the bold words once you are done with the final draft.

Your final thesis statement should not be very broad. It should display your arguments one after the other. The thesis statement is always broader than the topic sentences. Each topic sentence focuses on a particular aspect of the thesis statement. For example:

By following the guideline, you will be able to professionally link your topic statement back to the thesis statement. After you are done with your essay, analyze if each topic sentence is properly related to the thesis statement. You should make all the necessary corrections before submitting your final document. If you don’t know how to properly format your essay, you should employ an essay writing service. They can either proofread your work or draft a completely new essay for you within the given deadline.


Writing a perfectly formatted paper is not as difficult as you might think. You should plan ahead and keep the proper formatting in mind before you even begin writing. In your rough outline, you should check out all your topic sentences and make sure they are related directly to the thesis statement. If you want an excellent grade and are not willing to compromise on quality, you should hire an online writing service to write your whole essay. Send them your instructor's guidelines, a topic, and a deadline to finish it within.

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